Have a drink in another universe

Entering Spacebar

Your body will be transformed into a digital entity, and anonymously displayed on a triple monitor installation, developed by creative technology artist Aart Odding.

Welcome to a levelled experience of drinks, meet ups and entertainment, in our first section of the BAR you can enjoy drinks and snacks , as served by our utterly charming  barboys and spacegirls.

Our lowtec-designed  bar will be upgraded with HD video screens offering critical fun and information.

What to order?

offering BREW DOG PUNK IPA DRAFT and BUDWEISER BUDVAR DRAFT the one and only, plus losts of cans and bottles with best beers, wines, and sodas by FRITZ-KOLA.

The Backspace

leaving the first level of SPACEBAR you will enter the backspace sections with interactive GAMING (HIGHTEC, RETRO, VR) as well as private CINEMA spaces with contemporary video art, net art, short films and video’s, machinima, games, and more….


Welcome to our playfull area in backspace groundfloor:


Area 1=THX1139 interactive gaming (hightec, lowtec, retro)

Area 2=THX1140 interactiev gaming (VR with Oculus headset)

Area 3= THX1141 private cinema with single screen program

Area 4= THX1142 private cinema with single screen program


welcome to the exhibitions in THE HOLODECK XPO

+++  you are now on the first floor, this the DOCKING STATION, a netwerk
of labs, studio´s, offices and artspaces +++

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