Fri Mar 21


19:00 - 20:00

Spacecast #13 – SHARE YOUR VOICE!

On the 17th of March, you get the opportunity to share your voice! On which party will you vote? What is important to you? How do you treat society and your future? What matters most? Does your vote even matter? We think your voice is important in many ways!

Let’s talk about society, having opinions, good arguments, diversity, inclusiveness, politics, and more, in a fun way, and end the night with an electronic, musical blast!


⚡ Patyt Reyes⚡ is a decolonial feminist, environmentalist, and multi-species rights advocate who likes to convince people that their voices matter and are so powerful they can actually change the world! She is currently active in Extinction Rebellion Enschede and researches the philosophy of climate techno-politics.
She will share her views on political activism and reflect on why some people are still unsure to take a stand.

⚡ Niels F. Rodenburg ⚡
Niels believes representation and diversity are very important and believes the 2nd chamber should talk more with the people, not just about the people. He’s also helping the candidates of Bij1 on their way to the 2nd chamber and is fighting for LGBTQIA+- rights.

⚡ Mariëlle Meijerink ⚡
Mariëlle is an artist and works as an art educator for Tetem, Enschede. There she was invited to become the coordinator and general spokesperson for the Generators Network; an open platform for underground culture creators in the #Twente region, active in the field of creativity, technology and innovation.

⚡ Rosa and Simone ⚡
Rosa and Simone will talk about why us – young people – must vote and why we need more women in politics. Young people have a saying too and we will explain exactly why right now it’s even more important to have lour voices heard!

⚡ Modt ⚡ Mees, an unmissable member of the amazing In The Middle Of the Rhytm Radio and Dj! He will end the show with an electro & techno set!

The event is finished.

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